Twilight obsession !

Posted by Comrade Abu Nablus | Labels: , | Posted On Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 12:27 PM

People (if they are called people) are having a new obsession today; it’s about Twilight! People are watching the movie again and again; they are buying the book (& I bet it’s the 1st book they buy or the 2nd after Harry potter) they are buying posters and downloading dozens of pictures and songs all of that because a stupid film with no purpose or story…if we live in US or Europe I wouldn’t mind this obsession but common people we are living in the Arab world or let me say we are not living; Palestine in no longer there, Iraq well no comment, Arab Gulf well also no comment because the 80$ billion debt on Dubai speaks for itself, and don’t let me talk about Egypt or north Africa! Add to that corruption, dictatorship, poverty and much more!

People if you want to read you can read for Charles Dickens, Maxim Gorky, Gabriel García Márquez, Ghassan Kanafani, Ibrahim Nasrallah and a lot of brilliant writers and useful books!

Yalla bas 7abeet afadfed la2eno eshe begal3et..Cheers!


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