Mahmoud Abbas...RESIGN!!

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Let's do it people, let's call on Mahmoud Abbas to resign;
Sign the petition.

"Mahmoud Abbas,
Palestinian National Authority

Mr. Mahmoud Abbas,

We, the undersigned, are calling for your immediate and permanent resignation from the presidency of the Palestinian National Authority for the grave injustices you committee against the Palestinian people by withdrawing your support for the recommendations in the Goldstone Report that would have guaranteed its appearance before the Security Council of the United Nations.

By withdrawing your support, you have effectively stalled due process and justice for the victims of Operation Cast Lead and have allowed Israel to continue to oppress the Palestinian people with impunity.

We, the Palestinians in Diaspora, proclaim that you as president of the Palestinian Authority and as chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, do not represent us or speak for us in Palestine or on the world stage. You have sold your political, moral and legal right to do so by succumbing to Western pressure to withdraw your support from the Goldstone Report.

We demand that you resign without delay, and if you should fail to resign, we demand that the relevant bodies within the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Palestinian National Council, and the Fatah Executive Committee exert their powers in their respective capacities to remove you from power before any more harm is done to our national interests as Palestinians."


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