كاسك يا وطن

Posted by Comrade Abu Nablus | Labels: | Posted On Friday, September 25, 2009 at 7:24 AM

How Eid went?
well more than three fights in Jordan; dozens of car accidents; more than 300 sexual abuse were recorded in Egypt; Settlers attacking people in west bank; "Israel" Revealing that PA asked for the continuation of Gaza war; a meeting between PA and "Israel" in United States lead to nothing but some hand shaking and a happy new Jewish year wish from Sa'eb Uriqat to Liberman ; all our major cases are going down and yes let's not Forget that Gaza didn't have much "Eid spirit".

So to celebrate Eid, I will share a clip from "Kasak ya ًًWatan" play for Muhammad Al-Ma'out. Which is a tradition in our TV’s every year to broadcast the same plays and movies every Eid; but to be honest this play shows our current situation 100%, and it will for at least 100 years after.

Rebellion People :)


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